In the first half of 2023, recorded music revenues soared to an unprecedented high, reaching $8.4 billion—a remarkable 9.3% growth at estimated retail value.

To address these challenges and other pressing concerns for musicians, Audify, a decentralized music sharing and streaming platform built on the Ethereum public blockchain, is stepping into action. Audify introduces a revolutionary streaming platform powered by decentralized NFT Hybrid technology, channeling lucrative streaming revenues directly back to the artists. Musicians now have the opportunity to earn significantly higher revenue compared to industry giants like Spotify, with the added flexibility to customize their own price-per-stream.

Audify empowers musicians with greater control over their music, ensures transparency in royalty distribution, eliminates intermediaries from music sales (think record labels and distributors), boosts revenue for artists, bridges the gap between musicians and their audience, and establishes a clear point of origin for music creators. Audify leverages blockchain technology to meticulously track and store analytics of streams, facilitating real-time distribution of streaming payments directly to artists. Furthermore, Audify holders have the unique opportunity to generate revenue from the playlists they curate.

Functioning as a revolutionary bridge, the platform eradicates intermediaries by harnessing the power of decentralization and community collaboration, creating a seamless connection between the world of music and its listeners.